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This Dog Left For Dead Gets A New Chance At Life Thanks to Print Your Pet Customers!

Ashley Garza

*A portion of our net profits from the print your pet store are donated to mom and pop run dog rescues where your donations make a huge impact in saving dogs just like this! Thank you for saving a life!

Buster is a five to six year old Blue Heeler mix that has been through unspeakable tragedy in his short amount of time here on earth. We want to share his story with you because we want you to know that your purchases with us are making a difference in the lives of rescue animals like Buster.

Buster was found on the side of the road shot several times, with a single bullet lodged in his spine. A good samaritan was driving down the road going about his normal day, and noticed out of the corner of his eye an animal that seemed to be crawling around on his front legs. He pulled his truck over to investigate further and found Buster crawling as quickly as he could to a nearby tree stump hoping to hide from anyone who might harm him further. Because of the nature of his injuries, it can only be assumed that Buster made the choice to come out of hiding because he was desperate for food and water.

Luckily this good samaritan was able to lure Buster out of hiding, and rush him to a nearby vet clinic. The local vet was able to save Busters life, and contact Amanda, the founder of a local rescue called Coco’s House Senior Sanctuary and Rescue to help continue Buster’s care after surgery. Upon further investigation of his injuries, it was found that Buster was actually shot 3 times (in the head, side, and back) and because he was alone long enough he also had an infection as well. After being on IV antibiotics and steroids to help him heal, and $2,000 worth of medical bills later, he was released into the care of Coco’s House.

Unfortunately due to the bullet being lodged in his spine, Buster no longer has the use of his back legs, and needs the assistance of a wheelchair in order to move around.  

Earlier this year, our company became connected with Amanda and Coco’s House, and we have been doing whatever we can to help ever since with many of their cases (we will continue to profile more stories like these)- including purchasing a wheelchair for Buster. 

Because of purchases like yours Buster is doing great! He has a warm bed, full belly, and all of the medical support that he needs. We can’t thank you all enough for continuing to support animals like Buster through purchasing our beautiful custom artwork. With support like this we will be able to help animals like Buster come back from death and not just survive, but thrive and live life to the fullest!

HUGE thank you to our customers with out your help we would be nothing! Please feel free to look through our new products on our online store and continue to print your pet to help save another! Shop here!

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  • Cindy Garlinge on

    I’m so glad I can help. Seeing this beautiful baby’s face and to help him made my day. I didn’t realize that when I bought the blanket for my husband of his fur baby he just lost, that it would help. I’m so happy I did. I’m going to buy more to help others. Thank you for what your doing. Your amazing and god bless you.

  • Brina on

    Thank you for doing what you do! Not only was i able to give my grandma a gift she loved dearly, but reading about animals being saved makes me feel so happy and grateful

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