How to Help Animals in Shelters: 9 Things You Can Do

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Millions of animals around the country are currently living in shelters. The increasing amount of animals in need can become overwhelming to nonprofit (as well as for-profit) shelters and causes them to take drastic measures. This could result in euthanasia for some of the rescues.

The animals might feel helpless sometimes but luckily there are plenty of ways that you can make their situations better. If you an animal lover or just have kind heart, keep reading to check out these 10 easy tips on how to help animals in shelters. 

1. Make Donations

If you really want to know how to help animals then it's important to think about what they need. Animal shelter homes do their best to cover the costs of food, medical bills, toys, etc. And, unfortunately, sometimes they run low on funds which can cause a shortage in what the animals are able to have.

Making donations to these helpful places can make a big difference. Most shelters will allow you to donate money right from your phone or computer. There is also the option of donating items and shipping or dropping them off.

Ask the shelter if they have an Amazon wish list or registry lists at other stores for you to purchase from.

2. Become a Volunteer

One of the best tips on how to help animals in a shelter is to offer them your time. Sometimes these places get hectic depending on how many animals are being rescued and sheltered at that time. 

There might be times when staff is low and they need all hands on deck. And that's where you come in at. 

Becoming a volunteer at a shelter can help save more animals and get more things done. It's also fun and rewarding.

3. Choose Adoption

So you've decided to open your home to a new addition to the family. Well before you go to your local pet store or call the well-known breeder, stop by an animal shelter and consider adopting.

There are plenty of amazing animals that live in these shelters waiting to be sent off to their forever homes. But they often get bad reputations so people don't give them a chance. 

If you have some extra love and care to give, try using it on an adopted pet and see how much they'll thank you later.


4. Help Foster

The purpose of shelters is to provide the animals with a place to go if they're rescued from a difficult situation. However, as much as they want to help, shelters aren't designed to be permanent solutions due to the limitation of space and vacancies.

That's why choosing to foster can be very beneficial for animals. Fostering allows more spots to open up and be filled, which means that more rescues are being helped. 

And if you absolutely fall in love with the animal you're fostering you can always keep them around by adopting!

5. Bring Social Awareness

A lot of people in the world unconsciously live by the phrase "out of sight, out of mind". This can make it hard to get help and support for many different issues. But you're able to open their eyes by simply spreading and sharing what's going on.

Bringing social awareness to shelters is one of the simplest tips for how to help animals. With the power of the internet, you can easily click a button to share an article or donation link with thousands of people at once.

Help to educate those around you by making people aware of the problem and how they can be a part of a solution.

6. Do Play Visits

What's more joyful than engaging in some harmless play with cute animals? The animals at the shelter still want to live their lives and have a good time. You can help them do this by making visits to the shelter for play date sessions with them.

Although the shelters do their best to take care of them, it's not always possible to give all of them attention all the time. The animals will be excited to know that someone is willing to spend some fun time with them on a regular basis. Not only will this make them happy, but it's also great exercise. 

Even if you don't have much time to spare, every little minute counts.

7. Start Fundraisers

You might want to make a monetary donation but that might not be possible at the moment. No need to worry because there are still ways that you can get money to the animals.

Instead of stressing about donating out of your own pockets when you don't have the extra funds, consider starting a fundraiser to raise money for shelters. There are plenty of unique fundraiser ideas that you can do without much hassles, such as carwash drives or selling baked goods.

You might even want to try opening up a GoFundMe or using another crowdfunding platform to share with others online. 

8. Be an Advocate

There are places like puppy mills that aren't focused on the most beneficial ways of how to help animals. These types of centers need to be spoken up about and if you love animals then this is your chance to stand up.

Take a stand on issues that aren't beneficial for animals, such as shutting down operations that can take away from adoption. It's important that you give a voice to those who don't have one.

9. Support Staff

Running a shelter can be fulfilling yet overwhelming at times. And the staff do a great job of making sure they save as many animal lives as possible. So it helps to do things to make sure they feel supported and appreciated.

This may sound like an unconventional way on how to help animals but it helps. The more you can uplift the helpers, the more they can assist the animals.

Looking for More Ways on How to Help Animals?

Bringing change to an animal's life can happen with just a few small steps. These acts of kindness could mean a lot more than you think.

If you enjoyed these tips on how to help animals then consider wearing your advocacy for animals by using some of our products in the shop.

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