Taking the Purrrfect Photo: 7 Creative Cat Picture Ideas

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They're cute. They're fuzzy. They're photogenic. They're cats!

They're also full of personality. You'd like to share with the world the best cat pictures you can take, if they'll let you. 

The problem is that cats are elusive creatures who may not always feel camera ready. Cats may even dart around playfully, creating a blurry mess.

Taking a good cat picture can be a bit of a challenge, but there are some things you can do to change that. Check out our unique cat photography ideas! 

1. Curiosity Captured the Cat

Cats are naturally curious animals. After all, the saying, "curiosity killed the cat" didn't come out of nowhere.

Use their innate curious nature to capture a fun photo! Prop them in front of a mirror and capture them playing with their reflection.

Let them interact with the outdoors. You'll find amazing moments to photograph right in the backyard. 

Introduce them to a new toy. There's nothing like having a new object to play with. Your cat won't be able to contain her excitement. Why not grab that excitement on camera?

Schedule a kitty playdate with a friend. Have your camera ready when they meet. No doubt, you'll find an interesting few moments there. 

We all know cats enjoy a good cardboard box, too. Try placing them in front of one. Then, snap a photo at a different angle to get the purrrfect point of view.

2. Smooshy Faces

If it fits, it sits, right? Ever catch your cat in a tiny box or uncomfortably small bin?

They just love fitting themselves into any cozy crevice. When they do, there's nothing more inviting than those furry, smooshy wrinkles.

If your kitty likes to cram herself into tiny spaces, grab that camera. You're sure to find the sweetest furry rolls to capture.

3. Window Light

Cats are notorious for loving a window-side view. A photo with your feline friend in the window is pawsitively sweet for lots of reasons.

First, it's the perfect curiosity spot. It's a natural place for your kitty to sit. A photo can show off that natural wonder. 

Next, because cats enjoy a window seat, they're more likely to be still. It's the perfect chance to snap a crisp, clean photo. Good-bye blurry fuzzballs!

Don't underestimate the lighting, too. A window gives the purrfect natural light. This will give your photo a great ambiance and a crisp image. 

4. Funny Faces

The next time your cat eats a meal or plays with her toys, pay attention to her face. Chances are, there are some pretty hilarious expressions in there, especially if you mentally "paws" in mid-bite.

Grab your camera and snap some photos, rapid-fire. Mid-chew, mid-sneeze, mid-play, mid-meow... they are bound to make some hilariously funny faces. You'll snag at least a couple of photos to make you laugh out loud. 

The best part about it? Your cat won't even get embarrassed by the silly photos you take.

5. Climbers

Cats always seem to find themselves in high-up places: on shelves, tables, and even door frames.

It's tempting to shoo them off right away. However, if you're bound to get a great photo, grab that camera before you do. That cat of yours will probably show off some acrobatic tricks. She might even let you in on a couple of secrets, like, how the top cabinet door keeps opening up.

You may just find the purrfect image when that little kitty of yours sits on the top shelf, right on top of the china. Just make sure when you're done with your photo, you get your kitty to come down, safely. You wouldn't want to let her climb to a place where she can't get down herself.

6. Selfies

Try making a fun self-portrait with your cat. 

Let your kitty's personality lead the way on this one. Maybe he likes to be held. Maybe he'd rather cuddle on a chair. Or if he's really spunky, maybe he'd like to be on your head. 

Being together will create a comfortable environment for your pet. This will make taking a photo a lot easier than if you put your cat in an unknown space or situation.

It's also a great way to capture your relationship with your cat. After all, no one can truly understand how close you are until they see a photo of your cat sleeping on your face.

If you have one, use a remote for this. It'll make taking a picture a whole lot easier, especially if you'd like to take a picture from a distance. 

7. Make Your Cat Pictures Abstract

Who said your photos had to showcase your cat's face? You can get extra creative by creating a totally abstract work of art of part of your kitty friend.

The key to this one is to use your camera's zoom. You can also crop it later. If you'd like to add a little dimension, bump up the contrast or detailing when you edit the photo later.

Cats have different fur types and patterns. Try zooming into your sleeping cat and capture that texture up close.

Some people affectionately call cat's paws "toe beans." A crop of those tiny beans would be an ultra-cute photo to those toe lovers. 

There is no other cat dominant trait than their little whiskers. Try a picture of your kitty's twitchy whiskers the next time you catch him in a cat-nap. 

Capturing the Meow-ment

Your cat may have the purrfect personality, be "hiss-terically" funny, or they may have a big "catitude."

Regardless of the type of cat you have, you'll be feline good trying out any of these unique cat pictures.

Once you have captured the perfect photo of your fluffy friend, you're ready to head on over and place your order!

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