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How To Order





Choosing The Right Photo 

Our artists work directly off the photos you send to us, the higher quality the photo is the better the result. 

  • Lighting is KEY. Please send in photos taken outside during the day, or inside with a bright light. 
  • Dark Fur (Dark Brown or Black) sometimes doesn't print properly on our machines - please make sure if your animal is hard to see in the photo you lighten it up or provide details in the notes so we can get the best results and don't miss anything.
  • Try your best to capture a close up - so we can get as much detail as possible for your order. 
  • Your pet sitting, or standing will always yield higher quality results compared to laying down.
  • Make sure no body parts (ears, legs, or tails) are cut out of the photo - we only draw what the photo actually shows.
  • The more animals the harder it is to position them on the product - and we recommend only one pet to get the best results. 
  • Any custom requests, or specific instructions please leave a note on the order - otherwise, we'll work through our regular process. 

Please make sure the photos don't have filters - we design your customized one of one artwork straight from the photo you send in. If the photo is dark, and we can't tell the proper colors we won't be able to accurately draw your pet.

Good Examples:

Good Example

Our Custom Art Styles

Below are photo examples of our graphic styles you can choose from along with an explanation. 

Custom Art Style Examples
  • The Cartoon Custom Art style offers a lot more detail and a more "photo realistic" option. 
  • The Pop Art Custom Art style offers less "details" and more solid colors (usually no more than 4 base colors).  
  • Each order is done by hand, the only software we use is photoshop.